The following method statement represents all the steps involved in the Preparation, Production and Installation of the Aluminum and glazing works, in order to meet the highest levels of quality as per our Company’s objectives.


The first step in the preparation of our work is the thorough study of the architectural and construction execution drawings in addition to a site visit in order to become familiar with the site conditions, location and accessibility. Based on these drawings, we prepare our detailed shop drawings, showing the exact measurements for each opening and detailed sectional drawings for every type of opening.

These drawings will be checked by the Project Manager and submitted to the Consultant. After the process of modification and adjustments as per the Consultant’s comments and requirements, a final approved set of shop drawings will be issued in five copies. These copies will be distributed to the Client, the Consultant, the main Contractor, the ACTE Office and the Site Manager.

Based on the approved shop drawings, the necessary materials for the execution of the work will be ordered, and the time table for the work will be set. After which, the site measurements will be taken, and a computer program will determine the detailed cutting list of every aluminum profile for all the openings. The same program will determine the exact size of the corresponding glass and the appropriate time of ordering.


The aluminum profiles are carefully stored in the designed storage area in order to protect them from scratching. Then the production is carried out by a highly experienced man power, supervised by the Engineer in charge, using all the necessary “TECHNAL” punching tools and machines in order to ensure a final product that complies with the International Criteria for Performance and Quality. The final product is thoroughly checked by the Architect in charge before its transportation to the site.


Once the site conditions enable the start of installation, the aluminum, gaskets and accessories will be carefully transported to the site specified storage area. All the accessories will always be packed for maximum protection and the aluminum profiles will be well wrapped in nylon covers in order to protect them from scratch.

Our installation involves the following:

First, the installation of the frame, using high quality stainless screws (HILTI) and high quality anchors (FISHER), insuring very tight and rigid frames.

Second, the installation of the moving parts with the previously installed glass infill, and the adjustment of these parts in order to operate properly.

Third, the final inspection that includes sealant application on all the openings, insuring an adequate waterproofing system, will cover the installation procedure.

Fourth, the handing over of the work will be done after executing the adjustments requested by the supervisor’s team, if any, and to the complete satisfaction of the Project Manager and Client Representative

Please note that during all the steps of production and installation, a complete coordination between our representatives, the Client and the Project Manager will ensure the adequate achievement of works.