6 chilling facts about Montreal’s infamous 1980 street serial killer/mass murderer/killer/suicide

One killer picked off seven people in half an hour at the end of 1980, leaving a trail of blood across a city’s tightrope of race, poverty and drugs. The other, a quiet artist who had a scrawny frame but flaunted his sexuality, mowed down three pedestrians in just seconds.

Both confessed, but as strange as it may sound, they were equally powerless to escape their own inner demons. Since the end of the 1980s, serial killer Paul Bernardo has been sentenced to life for murdering five of his former girlfriends, while Marc Lepine, who opened fire on a Dawson College student’s class in Montreal, killing 13, is serving three consecutive life sentences. But what is often overlooked is that Bernardo and Lepine are some of the worst mass murderers to have walked the streets of their own cities.

Click through the above photo gallery for six eerie facts about the two men, which have been condensed to an outstanding illustration.

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