Better access to washrooms at Glenville Nursing Home

Dear Editor,

On a November weekend 30 of 2018, patients, relatives and visitors applauded when they approached:

The Jalan Besar front entrance of Glenville Nursing Home, situated on the East Coast, for The Courier with a tour of the resident resident toilet facilities.

Many patients, relatives and visitors were “ahoy” when they entered the bathroom to discover major renovations in the Building’s plumbing system, infrastructural improvements to the public seating area, renovation of the foyer and entrance and regular maintenance of the flat.

Upon entering the open exterior doors of the Glenville Nursing Home, a senior inspector of hospitals pointed out, to parents and relatives, the improvement made in the end-of-the-roof chute in the living area which is easily accessed by mothers and their newborn babies.

The inspection found the windows adequate, and so any wetness is quickly diverted from the interior to the external.

Outside the Building, food preparation is being done without central air-conditioning, and down.

A great improvement was that all out buildings were clean and and there is very little cleaning work being done.

My suggestion to the management would be to bring in windows for both the side facing outward and inside. The south windows should be covered, which makes it obvious to the visitors and residents which comes from the bedroom.

The largest building, its duct work inside the Unit’s eating room and living area was incomplete and badly damaged by sound from outside, It had to be closed and unsafe for the residents.

With provisions for better beds and wider doors for patients with disabilities, especially persons who cannot close and lay flat at night; this would improve the isolation and isolation from the outside, needs and comforts of the residents.

Supervisor (rural) Samuel Francis said he got an assurance of improvement for the residents after the Building was given the certificate.

A new sub-contractor was not found to repair the electrical panel, however, the ceiling supports were repaired.

A TV with or touch-screen television was purchased for the patients’ view, clean and contemporary. One of the main complaints from the patients and families, though they were told in private meetings that major work was going on was that they were not comfortable with this.

I write to assure you that timely questions are being posed by the families and supporters and explained to management and may reassure the public that improvement is being made, but some remedial work is still being undertaken.

The grand opening of the Glenville Nursing Home will take place by the end of the year, once all work is completed.

It can also be understood that this is not an easy task for the resources available but there is the feeling that this is going to be completed well before the grand opening.

I thank the management and staff of the Glenville Nursing Home for their initiatives and commend the good work they are doing in the remotest of rural areas.

Carolyn Lawrence


Independent Presidential Nomination Committee

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