Davido takes money from music industry, gives it to charity

Some words of wisdom from an icon whose time has come to say goodbye to some seemingly old-fashioned traditions, no? Nigerian singer Davido has seemingly suffered a Cinderella-like transformation in the past year, rocketing to global fame and enfranchisement in several countries simultaneously.

According to his Instagram page, Davido has now made the decision to give $600,000 to charity. As he stated in a post on Tuesday, April 24, this is in addition to another donation he has made to charity in the past, though it was reportedly smaller in scale.

However, whilst this might be some welcome news for some charity organizations, others will likely find this news more stunning as it seems this is in direct response to a request made by many of his fans.

Needless to say, Davido’s fans were taken aback by the generous gesture. Before the announcement of the charity, there was a lot of speculations: If he donated, would he also be performing? And, of course, was there any gift that could have more respect than an acceptance of bad weather?

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