Mariah Carey on having a baby with ex-husband and toyboy Bryan Tanaka: ‘It’s just nonsense’

Mariah Carey (aka Paper Doll), as we all know, is synonymous with Christmas. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is probably the most timeless and celebrated Christmas hit ever, and the pop star has poured over her past 11 years for her latest CD, Merry Christmas II You. She’s the first to admit that while she’s definitely had her share of success in pop, it wasn’t until last year’s Elusive Chanteuse that she began to break through in some of the more accessible industries of her life. So maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that a disc of jingles and annual carols makes the front page of The New York Times Magazine. The album is due out in October, and already Carey’s the 2015 Tastemaker of the Year for Time’s 50 Most Influential People in Music list, and the face of its annual list of Most Influential People. Yes, it’s that time of year again, at least for Carey. She loves Christmas so much that she moved in with her manager for three years to put together her Christmas album.

Naturally, The Times points out, Carey is only naturally confident about her ability to make the magical radio thing happen and get traditional holiday songs on a jingle-bell network the way Katy Perry has. “I may be able to make traditional songs pop, so what?” she says in the paper. “If I have to rely on the voting powers of that council, I’m outta here. That’s just nonsense.” There’s an innate twinkle in her eyes that gives her that sinister smile that makes us want to drop a hint that life is better than it was before, and we assume that every other fellow stand-up comedian watching her is in the same boat.

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