New LED TV prototype puts power and cost to the test

By Meredith M. Coy, CNN

The COVID-19 omicron variant boasts:

“Exceptionally high LED power performance, with extremely rapid response times and strong pixel color gamut performance. The results of the FEI Tumori SEM for the COVID-19 omicron have shown a very high power consumption and power value. This tradeoff between expensive and high performance displays with similar results has led to the creation of this new energy efficient variety of LCD TV.”

“The COVID-19 omicron offers incredible power, as well as extremely high luminance levels when viewing the same picture on bright outdoor surfaces. It has a large and bright color gamut, and is extremely energy efficient. The COVID-19 omicron uses 32% less energy than a LED LCD display. We use YUV2 color filter, a highly efficient panel, and a very high contrast ratio with automatic brightness adjustment to deliver amazing performance. The cleanly composed OLED display combines energy efficiency with stunning performance.”

“This new energy efficient sample uses the new “Point of Light” technology. This technology allows COVID-19 omicron display devices to deliver excellent performance at a price point around $2,000 and outperform other screens costing over 10 times more. It also allows displays such as the COVID-19 omicron to be color coordinated and enhanced without the need for additional color calibration.”

This prototype will be previewed this Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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