Rep. Tom Emmer: The Worst Selling Issues For Democrats Is You Talk About Gun Control

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt sat down with Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) to discuss how Democrats are absolutely doomed to lose the next two national elections.

“It’s like all bad news. It starts with the DNC leadership being bamboozled into putting themselves behind and they should have looked at the poll data and said you cannot beat President Trump by playing the race card. Yes, some minorities will vote for a Democrat and they’re going to put some Democrat in the House but it is the gateway to the White House and the Supreme Court. That’s what the central goal of the DNC’s opposition to Trump was. Now I’m going to be honest with you, they’re playing the race card because their poll numbers are down. I’ve been out and spoken to voters around the country and they are fed up with what they’re getting from the Democrats.”

Watch the interview here:

Rep. Emmer: Why can’t the Democrats just stop being establishment, playing the race card, be calm and make arguments where Republicans are failing on law and order, pay attention to the tax cut and its jobs impact. It is for the new job training we’re getting from 50 million new jobs that will pay over 6%. You have to focus on your message and I think some of the worst selling issues for Democrats is you talk about gun control. I hope we have six more years of President Trump. I think there are a lot of Democratic members who need to realize he’s going to run for the third term and they don’t have a chance. There is just one director at the DNC that said that if the Republican’s are losing the demographic war, then it is going to be time for a change in November. They can’t wait until November to change. They have to do it now in 2015.

Ainsley: Do you believe it? I think too many people believe on a gut level that Democrats are going to lose in November just because they haven’t won the last three national elections.

Rep. Emmer: What would we say if the Republicans didn’t win them and the Democrats were winning by 90 percent of the vote and there were three independent and they won the senate for the first time since 1856. Then we just said it’s time for a change. Democrats have lost the electoral war and they have had 35 consecutive non-Presidential years of losing and then we hand it over to Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s been after the White House for 15 years. They just ain’t playing let’s make them accountable. I don’t think people appreciate that they have a 100-year-old leadership in the House and in the Senate that is built around the idea of: we’re just not going to have anything good happen to us until we change and that’s clearly not going to happen.

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