Swedish Chalkline: We’re shocked, shocked that this is a thing

Normally we rely on the power of the market to find durable and sometimes exclusive travel accessories.

Our Shop. series offers you the chance to find out more about products that our experts say are worth investing in – and, with the exception of holidays, they are rare or off the beaten track.

Check out the one from Sweden above – perfect for your child

Traditional ceramics from Scandinavia, Africa, and Australia, a Scandinavian backpack – made of soft, natural fibres.

Brochure Chic: Close-up of the flatware with the squares labelled for each stone

We also have a portable variety of our own designed to last a lifetime.

Sadly it won’t match Ikea’s Coats of Arms collection – they have to come in plastic – but you can find alternatives.

Know more? Email your travel wishlist for consideration, and you could be the next e-guide to go from newsagent to airport check-in desk.


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