A fun guide to the best, most diverse new TV shows on television

The danger of making a list like this, of course, is that it’s quite easy to wind yourself up into being a torture porn buff. Here at telly and film festivals, for example, we actively seek out films based on or with a Jewish focus. So yeah, rejoice: this column can be even more fun than usual.

Finally! With a book edition!

What will the world look like when 2-years-old Freddie starts hanging out with Mikey on Fresh Prince? What will happen to that voice in Jenji Kohan’s head when she’s asking Jen to conjure up another gay guy to be Kurt’s friend? Only that we hope Queen Bey will become Princess Supreme… and that the whole gang will go on an awesome adventure this year.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for announcements of any Hanukkah TV shows, and fingers crossed! We’ve got your basic goods here, and hopefully they’ll all keep popping up between now and the festival this year!


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