Chinese diplomats kidnapped, some shot and killed in eastern Congo

There have been a number of violent attacks in the eastern Congo earlier this month. There have been nine people killed in three separate incidents. Two on April 20 and 25 both in Walikale, which is far from the town of Goma where there have been repeated reports of gangs and abductions of civilians. Today (Thursday) and on April 19, five Chinese nationals were kidnapped in Walikale, according to the Chinese Embassy in Kinshasa. There are no reports so far of any Chinese nationals being harmed. Some reports have suggested that two of the five kidnapped were Chinese.

The Chinese embassy also reported that on April 24 four Chinese people were found dead and one was wounded near Bisie’s Karongola Airport, which is reportedly 15 km west of Walikale, while another body was found on the same day in Bisie.

The newly-released unclassified report from the UN Mission in the Congo called it “most likely” linked to the efforts to hold on to Goma, a city located 220 km from the capital, Kinshasa. But the report also states that the possibility of this attack on the military and foreign nationals does not “necessarily” link to the fight against these recent kidnappings.

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