Secret Service talks to CNN’s Alan Duke about terror threat

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

In the wake of a devastating bloodbath in Ottawa on Thursday, security is coming into question across the world.

In the UK, double suicide bombers hit London’s transport system in July 2005, killing 52 people and injuring more than 700 more, and Norway this year targeted a far-right terror cell with a devastating attack that killed 77 people.

A terror attack outside Ottawa Prime Minister’s residence in 2017 killed six

With the threat of terror still high, and Washington set to vacate its base in northern Iraq by the end of the year, CNN’s Alan Duke sat down with the U.S. Secret Service director to discuss how security preparations are being made.

“This threat really is a global threat,” David Bowdich, Director of the United States Secret Service, said. “The vast majority of terrorism nowadays are politically motivated terrorists. The vast majority of casualties on the world are not related to where you are or what you are doing.”

Here is a selection of video clips produced by CNN’s Alan Duke. Click the links for more information on the stories below.

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