EXCLUSIVE: “Gens de la Saskatchewan” – the 90s T-Shirt Sisters

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the Eco Tech Nation show.

The Gens de la Saskatchewan are all around, full of energy, big dreams, and brilliant ideas. It’s a show about the power of our local eco-renewable resources and is told by three friends/lovers and their respective husbands and wives. Their kids join in on the fun too.

Jake (Nick Broadley) and his buddies Ian (Jack Edgar) and Bart (Eric C. Howes) are the three guys in the group. Jake is the daughter of the mining company owner in the region, who happens to be British Steel. Bart is Ian’s uncle. Aside from all the good times, there is a real underlying sense of love and respect for each other. Plus, there is some competition and the question of who would win in a fight…

Add to that the latest in science, the eternal quest for sustainability, and business practices, and the show is a natural!

One of my favorite things about this show, besides the fantastic team of writers is the musical numbers themselves. Yes, we love “Workin’ Mother”!

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