Can we buy that voodoo cat on eBay? YassifyBot just solved that for us.

A million years ago we used to code things we thought were cool, the results of which would end up in Minecraft for other people to build and play with. This week, Adobe introduced its YassifyBot AI tool to automatically code the user-generated Yassify tag into its technology. YassifyCode is not something new, however. For that we’d look at Virool Studios (hopefully with a few constraints), who last year launched a platform called Yassify that allows you to add that “yassification” moniker to photos, or Instagram or Twitter bios. Which, one imagines, would look great on your faux-snow cat or penguin.

While the existing product may have been terribly … Yassified, one imagines that YassifyCode will be some kind of sweet human-powered Yassification. (Check out the promo video!)

Yassify and “yassification” memes

This entire process had me laughing – quite literally. Here are a few memes I’ve made using a YassifyBot image recognition based on a Twitter user’s tweet (which links back to an older story I wrote on my new web newsletter,

First, I had to give him a life. I took him onto St. Stephen’s Green in Soho. Perhaps not the most dignified setting, but I’m sure he’d make a pretty good goth cat.



Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. All it took was a simple edit to my two GIFS.

Bless your beauty. Image:

And then I started covering the @YassifyLife Twitter account with YassifyBots. That’s right. One Tweet got me 50 bots, and I spent 40 minutes documenting it all. For posterity’s sake, I’ve kept the tweet intact:

Got 50 YassifyBots. @YassifyLife took it from there. He went back and forth between a bunch of them, some of which looked quite nice.

#YassifyChat — YassifyBots (@YassifyChat) November 20, 2018

#YassifyChat — YassifyBots (@YassifyChat) November 20, 2018

Making 200 second GIFs in seven minutes wasn’t easy, but it was worth it:


And then, of course, there was a preview tour.

If you’re curious what Yassify might look like on your calendar, here’s the image verification tool you’ll need to get the U.S. government off your life.

Since some of the Yassify Twitter bots are so clever, I put them to a fairly straightforward and simple challenge: a pickup line. This is how I started using one of the bots:

So yassify that.

I think it’s safe to say, my days of devising #YassifyClips are over.

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