Jack in the Box ‘turns up heat’ on chicken with record sales

When it comes to the critical ongoing debate around the “food Fight” between KFC and Wendy’s, it’s hard to imagine that Jack in the Box’s big year – or at least a big release – might push things in a different direction.

On Wednesday, the fast-food chain reported that same-store sales rose 9.3 percent in its 2017 fiscal year – which was a record year for the chain. Although the fast-food world has been falling out of love with chicken sandwiches ever since the Colonel first introduced the dish, this is a company that has stood above the fray for years.

The chain’s founder Jack in the Box figured out in the early 1970s how to turn fast food into a sexy format, and millions fell in love with his marinara sauce — once it appeared in a cheeseburger. In fact, the chain has earned plenty of street cred for the quality of its products, though in recent years, some have gotten tired of a menu that relies on standard fare. And that’s especially true when it’s a fast-food chain’s charm is in its customer base.

Jack in the Box’s April-to-June same-store sales are up 9.8 percent, (so in its four quarters, Jack has averaged 6.2 percent),

In other news, on June 5th, Wendy’s announced a “sweeping plan to build a leadership position in non-traditional labor technology”. The plan includes buying up third-party companies and rolling out their services for more than 6,000 locations.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s and Starbucks both recently announced major investments in new technology that can help enhance the customer experience. McDonald’s uses lasers to replace glass, while Starbucks unveiled a table-side mobile payment app.

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