Tunisian Attacks temporarily put tourism on hold

Humanitarians report that holidaymakers are returning to Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Temporary setbacks in those destinations were blamed on security fears after the bombing in Bourguiba Square in Tunis on 30 June killed 38.

Within a week, travel warnings against France, the United Kingdom and Germany had been lifted, and the British Tourist Authority said visitor numbers were already creeping up.

The National Institute of Statistics in Egypt told the UAE’s The National newspaper that in June 8.7 million tourists visited the country, compared with 8.9 million the previous month.

Despite having a population of 93 million, the paper reported that Egypt has still managed to record a million more visitors than the same month last year.

Tourism Minister Wael Haddara said that all the country’s security measures were working and that it was seeing “stable growth.”

Up until May this year, visitor numbers were struggling because of the scarcity of tourism-related jobs, the minister added.

Tourism industry players believe the toll will be little more than a blip as the economic benefits outweigh the risks.

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