Uncharacteristically dramatic: 4 more Coronavirus cases reported

We’re talking about four further cases of coronavirus today, here’s a few of them:

News: Ontario confirms four new coronavirus cases

According to the Canadian Centre for Disease Control, Ontario Health officials have confirmed four new cases of coronavirus infection. All four are now being treated in isolation at hospitals. The previous cases were also treated at Ontario hospitals. One is also said to be in critical condition.

Results: Israel’s Chilcotin Hospital, including one woman in serious condition, has confirmed two additional cases of coronavirus. The earlier case was a 65-year-old man; the new cases were both in their 20s.

Selected British Statistics: 2 Emirati schoolchildren in serious condition following visit to Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh. The children’s parents told officials the children became ill soon after returning from Sharm El-Sheikh; they developed fever, vomiting and symptoms of respiratory illness before being transferred to the hospital on July 27th.

News: Saudi Arabia confirms Qatari schoolgirl, 18, as the latest case of the coronavirus. Here are more details from health ministry spokesman Mansour al-Muhanna in a press conference, shown here:

Qatari girl falls ill; hospital reports new coronavirus case in Saudi Arabia: Reuters According to a Saudi Arabia health ministry spokesman, 18-year-old Alshamari had returned from Qatar the day before she was transferred to a hospital in Jeddah. They said that Alshamari developed fever and respiratory symptoms over the weekend, but developed pneumonia on Monday, Reuters reported.

News: Nigeria confirms Coronavirus case in a man in Lagos, Nigeria

According to Reuters, Nigeria has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in a man being treated in the capital Lagos. He was initially identified with the virus after a visit to Qatar, where the first cases of coronavirus infection had been reported earlier this year. Reuters reported that Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu visited Lagos with doctors and members of the ministry’s epidemiology department to oversee their efforts to track down the sufferer.

Research News: A new study suggests coronavirus infection in patients with close contact may be even more likely than previously thought.

Researchers in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases now report that many Coronavirus infections appear to be patient-specific. The study focused on the case of a Japanese man who acquired the disease after staying with a British woman who had died of a coronavirus infection. The man developed severe fatigue and breathing difficulties after the 21-day mark. Based on the reports of other cases, the researchers believe the man was actually asymptomatic and, like a chest X-ray, could be helpful for tracking down patients.

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