Tori Spelling: ‘Thankful for Dean’ after split rumours

Image copyright Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision/AP Image caption Tori Spelling posted this picture of herself and her husband on Facebook on Saturday

Tori Spelling says she is not headed for divorce.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star posted a photo of herself and her husband Dean McDermott during an Thanksgiving celebration with their children.

“Thankful for this man,” she captioned it. “Our girls have the most peaceful, magical Christmas & Thanksgiving experience of all. We are surrounded by our family. Of course we have work to do but everything good does take time. Thank you all for your love.”

Spelling’s picture comes amid rumours she is having a messy split from McDermott.

A source told Us Weekly that she has found herself drawn to the father of her children and is thinking of leaving McDermott for good.

They say she’s loved him since childhood and has fallen for the fact that he is giving her so much attention again.

“Tori wants this. She doesn’t want to separate from Dean,” said the source.

The media outlet added that Spelling had previously allowed McDermott to move back into their house – which was bought with their relationship on the rocks in 2015.

But they say that she has become increasingly put off by the growing tensions between them.

The divorce rumours come on the heels of Spelling’s family lawyer telling the US media she has “no intentions” of leaving McDermott for good.

A representative for Spelling said the lawyer’s comments “are 100% untrue” and that “he has no knowledge of Tori’s feelings”.

Image copyright US Weekly Image caption Spelling is reportedly considering splitting from McDermott

Spelling’s marriage has been dogged by cheating rumours and McDermott was twice involved in sexual scandals that led to shock headlines.

Spelling has three daughters: Stella, Hattie and Finn.

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