20 Stephen Sondheim songs that have influenced your life so far

There’s a lot of time to play and enjoy the serenades of a singer who writes beautiful, thoughtful songs. So, for those of us lucky enough to wake up to a piece of music or a word painting that makes us feel strong, right now, this is our week.

Bar doors opened around the world on Monday (the day “Sunday in the Park with George,” a song penned by Stephen Sondheim came out, for you song geeks), and fans got up out of bed to transform their living rooms into lovebird crescendos.

What follows below is a collection of never-before-seen nuggets from the impromptu train tracks of late-night Manhattan piano bars. If you need more John Grisham-as-Satan scenery, here’s “To Be Continued” by Irreparable Violet, and this other moment between a man in a black trench coat and a woman covered in a giant sock, with readers of that story probably nodding at this moment.

Want more? Head on over to our chart to rank all of Stephen Sondheim’s best songs.

You’re welcome.

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