Video: Five Hanukkah-themed videos

For the last seven years, Chabad TV has channeled the spirit of Hanukkah with a variety of videos ranging from animated short films to music videos to comedy sketches.

Hanukkah begins on 16 December and runs until the new year, so we’re expecting some great celebration over the next seven weeks. Here are some of our favourite Hanukkah videos of the last seven years, the best of which have appeared on Chabad TV.

The Hanukkah Holiday Episode of Futurama

With Neil sticking latkes on his desk, in one of my favourite episodes of Futurama, we get to see the basic Jewish holiday sentiment – “So Hanukkah is here…” – played out to perfection.

The Hannukah Story (A Hanukkah Primer)

It’s one of the most popular videos ever on Chabad TV. The narrator sums up the Chanukah holiday in just five minutes. That’s Hanukkah in 22 words.

Hanukkah On Broadway

“Seventy years ago, Hanukkah began in New York, a small, single-roomed apartment. It had its humble beginnings in the life of (Jacques) Tati, whose script of Mame was transformed into a musical career which saw him appear on Broadway every day for the duration of each Hanukkah for seven years. “The torch of uniting the children of all people and religions over the perennial Jewish Festival of Lights has been worn by the likes of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jennifer Grey.”

Now Israel’s answer to Broad City, which was just picked up for a second season, more comedies about two 30-something girls living in Tel Aviv will soon be on our screens. It’s heartwarming to think of how this Jewish holiday is now one of the leading celebrations in the world.

The Hanukkah Video Game Campaign

The Kirkland High School Volleyball Varsity Squad wins the playoffs, and, after defeating rival Keller, scores the big one on a snowy night to take the Texas-California showdown.

A parody of a popular Redbox video game commercial, it’s also shot at Lynchburg’s Kirkland High School.

More Hanukkah videos!

Five Awesome Chanukah Production Parodies

Hanukkah 2012: The Musical

When Hanukkah falls during the Christmas holidays, no one thinks much of Christmas, but Hanukkah is alive and well. Here’s a well-edited video of all the best, well-loved numbers from Wicked.

Winter Holiday Tetris

“And the heavenly makers stamped their touch upon your delirious air!”

Jingle Bells and Hanukkah Video Games: Happy Holidays!

A recreation of the video game Tetris showing Hanukkah.

December’s Big Jewish Horror Day

“Yoseph, set your campfires, let your roasters holler, and gather all your offerings.”

Marduk & Hanukkah

The November episode of Adventure Time takes on the usual Jewish tradition of Hanukkah, but switches to live action with various scenes that would never make it to the show’s regular episodes.

Hanukkah Calendar

More Hanukkah videos!

Hanukkah 2019

The best year so far, which centres around the fame of Sabke – the fellatio-inspired contest that attracts men from all over the world.

Hanukkah 2018: The Party

Taking on the never-ending cycle of Hanukkah night, which runs from the end of November until January 7, every year, we come up with at least one ever-newest installment.

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