Pundit who became Sweden’s youngest lawmaker resigns as PM

Ekaterina Stoyanova, a young political journalist who was elected to parliament last week, has resigned as Sweden’s new prime minister, local news reports said Monday.

Stoyanova, 39, sent a letter to parliament Sunday saying she would be leaving the job, the Swedish Press Agency said.

“I have taken this decision for personal reasons. For my family, and because I am looking to the future with new eyes,” she wrote in a letter quoted by the agency.

Sweden’s five-year term in the European Union ends next year.

Stoyanova was elected to the 440-seat lower house last week, just months after she joined the small but influential Social Democratic Party. She took over the rotating prime minister position from minority leader Stefan Lofven.

Sweden has repeatedly turned to the opposition-controlled parliament to fill the role of premier since current leader Stefan Lofven took over as acting premier in September 2014, when Lofven’s center-left government collapsed.

The Young Party, which is part of the Democratic party’s coalition government, now holds the power to name Stoyanova’s successor.

In June, she was elected as Sweden’s youngest-ever federal lawmaker in parliament, in a run-off vote over incumbent Emma Isaksson.

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